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A Wild Weekend in Cumbria

A joyous non-residential weekend of wild singing in the Borrowdale valley, with Dave Camlin, Helen Chadwick and Roxane Smith.

With the Borrowdale Institute in the heart of the valley for our base, we will have a full Saturday of singing workshops led by Dave, Helen and Roxane, followed by some low-level wild singing around the valley (or in / near the institute if wet!) on the Sunday.

The weekend is non-residential in the sense of sorting yourself out with somewhere to stay. Borrowdale has lots of lovely campsites, two youth hostels, plenty of BnBs and some majestic hotels - choose your own level of comfort! Hot drinks and snacks will be provided, but make your own arrangements for meals, or bring food to share with others, Jacob’s Join style.

Dave Camlin is a singer / composer / educator / researcher who leads community choirs in west Cumbria including Sing Owt!, Wild Chorus and the Sing for Fun Recovery Choir. He leads lots of outdoor singing events and projects, including the award-winning Fellowship of Hill and Wind and Sunshine project (2018), Communitas (2021) and Earthsong (2022). He's a native west Cumbrian who loves introducing people to songs from the local area and which celebrate our relationship to the natural world.

Helen Chadwick has run community choirs and singing workshops all her adult life. "I love the Lake District, so to combine these passions with two friends and colleagues is a joy. I’m a songwriter who creates song-theatre shows. I’ve toured internationally and composed shows for the Royal Opera House (Dave was in one!) and created a site-specific choral work for Salisbury Cathedral. I started the London Georgian choir and co-founded Sing for Water (thank you Roxane for now being its Queen!). I also love recording albums."

Roxane Smith runs community choirs on the Welsh borders (Shrewsbury, Oswestry and Welshpool). She has a fun and upbeat teaching style and everything will be learnt by ear, so no need to read music. She is co-musical director of Sing for Water London (which raises money for Water Aid through singing), and Chair of the Natural Voice Network. She is passionate about singing, and believes that singing in harmony creates friendship, community and can make the world a better place.

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