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Lockdown Tales

by Elizabeth Bryson

Since the lockdown, I’ve started telling stories to my 4 year old grandson Bobby via Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. He loves stories about Bobby the Brave, Sylvia the Fearless and Jenny the Reckless.

It inspired me to start drawing again.

Last week, they all built a rocket and travelled with their friends Dragon and Dragon’s baby to visit the Clangers, for Soupdragon’s baby’s birthday. Here they are, singing with the Clangers.


Editor's note.

As a bit of a bonus to Beth's Lockdown blog from Spain, I thought it might be appropriate to add a version of a popular traditional Spanish lullaby 'A La Nanita Nana' that Beth hadn't previously come across.

This arrangement is by Wendy Sergeant who composes and arranges songs for Community Choirs. This was recorded at a singing workshop she led, down in Shrewsbury back in November 2018.

If you go to the 'Choir Resources' tab you can find it there. Who knows, the choir may at some stage be able to serenade Beth with a rendition of it - no pressure, Sarah!!



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