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My Lockdown Garden, Whilst Shielding

by Vivienne Dalgliesh

Being in shielding we have had no opportunity to go out and buy plants, so we just let things grow and this is what we've ended up with.

One side of the garden is covered in buttercups which have flowered for weeks, and the flowers follow the sun as it tracks from east to west, just as sunflowers do.

The other side of the garden is covered with self-sets, including a range of different coloured poppies.

We have a lovely display of colour which these photos hardly do justice to.

The sparrows are loving it, but they are not always welcome. Some of them have been sneaking into the greenhouse and stealing the string from the canes holding up the tomatoes.

We know it's them as they are using it as nesting material, as you can see here, under the eaves. This is creating a shortage, as string is something else we don't have more of.

Unfortunately, at least one sparrow got its comeuppance as a sparrow hawk paid a visit and had one of them for lunch - but was too fast for me to capture on camera!



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