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Singing Once Again With Harbour Lights

Former Choir Member Issy, re-connects via Zoom

It’s been lovely to see you all again albeit on Zoom over the last few weeks. Everyone looks well and no one has changed. Sarah asked me to say a few words about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing over the last 3 years.

Some of you will remember that I was a member of Harbour Lights until I moved to Clacton-on-sea, Essex in June 2017 because of David’s job. Well I fully intended to join a choir there and even made contact with one but never quite made it as work and family commitments got in the way. As some of you may remember our intended reunion at the Water Aid concert in London didn’t happen for the same reasons.

Since then I’ve taken redundancy from the CAB after 30 years and worked for an education charity for a while but enjoyed my enforced summer in the garden (furlough) so much that I’m now semi-retired, albeit working part time back in one CAB and volunteering at another.

When the first lockdown happened I joined a Zoom choir which closed not long afterwards, so was really pleased when Maureen mentioned that Harbour Lights was operating on Zoom, hence my recent muscling in. It was lovely to see so many new members and to know how much the choir has gone from strength to strength under Sarah’s fantastic leadership – I’m sure there’s lots of other people beavering away in the background that have helped to bring this about too.

Lockdown and Zoom, has made us realise that working in the South doesn’t have to mean living in the South anymore, so we are seriously considering a return to living up North one day soon.

If and when that happens Harbour Lights will be my first port of call.

Issy Abbot, November 2020



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