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Songs That Transport You To Another Place

"Looking Backwards To Move On"

I Am Kloot - 'Northern Skies' - A beautiful song by Manchester based trio. We have seen them several times in recent years - the most memorable was when they headlined the Deershed festival in 2011 as the summer sun set over Baldersby Park near Thirsk.

I had previously accosted John Branwell, the lead singer, on his way to the beer tent and he serenaded my then 5 year old daughter with the opening lines of this lovely song.

Baldersby Park, Thirsk - close to England's fastest flowing river, the River Swale

We have tickets for this years festival and the headliners are James, my favourite band in the whole wide world.

In addition to the James indie staple of the 90's 'Sit Down', more recently they wrote the tender, tear inducing 'Moving On', which was inspired by both the death of Tim Booth's (vocalist) mum and a close friend - a dance teacher, in 2012.

The award winning video helped me explain my own mums passing to my kids.

Life eh?

Songs help tremendously....

Jane Pedersen



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