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Songs That Transport You To Another Place

I have two songs now calling to me:

We were holidaying in Ireland just south of Dublin and saw there was to be a folk music concert down in Wexford. It was about 30 mins away according to Google but more like 40 there and 60 back given the twisting narrow roads which were very dark on the journey home. But it was only when we were in the concert hall/village barn and with our drinks in hand and nicely seated at the table (the place was packed) that we discovered that "the band" who were playing that night were The Fureys.

We had paid good money to see them "In Concert" in Northampton but this was way better. A really fantastic night and this song brings it all back.

'From Clare To Here' (written by Ralf McTell) and sung here by The Fureys.

The other is also an Irish ballad, written by Eric Bogle, "The Green Fields of France" which talks of Willy McBride who fell fighting in the First Great War. The war that should have been the last!

My ties with Ireland are historic but I have many Irish friends and lived there for a year.

I remember this song since it was used as an example of an opening stimulus for an RE lesson when I was being trained ready for an OFSTED inspection.

Unfortunately, the group I was with did not know the song and we had no words to the song, so the point of the training was lost. Most of those present thought it an appalling song. Later I read the words and realised what a great starter it really was.. and over time it grew on me realising how it was such a great example.

'The Green Fields Of France' by The Fureys & Davey Arthur

I so love the choir sessions with you all, even though I only get to one each month.

Frank Sudlow



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