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The Teach Nepal Project

Here, Alison gives details of the project she is involved with in Nepal.

I will be spending the month of April working with the TNP (Teach Nepal Project). Read the following and, if you would like to donate to TNP, please pay it into the choir bank account with a reference to identify that it will be for Teach Nepal. We will then send one donation (to avoid large foreign currency transfer charges). However small or large your donation, it will all go to this very good cause.

The Teach Nepal Project is a small charity, set up by a group of my ex-colleagues; all teachers from the British School in the Netherlands. Since 2015, TNP volunteers have visited the area around the village of Ghachok in the Kaski area of western Nepal on 6 occasions to run training sessions for teachers from 10 schools in the village of Ghachok and the Seti valley. Good contacts have been established with local NGOs, and TNP’s support of the schools has developed into creating a library in each of the schools, a community library and IT centre. The local population are mainly intensive subsistence farmers using primitive farming methods. Their incomes are low and they lack all the basic services that we take for granted. The area was also devastated by the earthquake in 2015. Despite the lack of resources and low level of English the children are highly motivated to learn. Teach Nepal Project is a registered charity.

Check out the following link for more details.

Below are some of the aims for 2021-22. There is a lot to do and despite the difficulties caused by Covid, some have been completed. You can find out more on the blog section on the website and the following link: volunteer-information-1.ppsx (

• School improvements to create a more attractive and comfortable learning environment –(update: the libraries and the nursery classes have been decorated and furnished in the schools)

• The provision of resources, English language books, games and equipment to encourage learning

• Resources for the teachers either through our training courses usually delivered in early April to include printing of booklets, flashcards and worksheets

• The decoration and furniture for the IT Training Centre and Community Library

• An upgrade for the building to ensure better security and a more comfortable learning environment

• Equipment to include computers, a printer and beamer to support the teacher trainer in the delivery of the IT courses

• Installation of the internet, electricity supply and running costs of these services Proposed expenditure for 2021 - 2022;

• Sponsoring the installation of computer labs into the schools by EduTech Nepal, an organisation that has successfully installed and supports over 200 rural schools in Nepal.

• Completion of one more nursery class once the building is complete

• The provision of some outdoor educational equipment for the younger students

• The provision of a solar unit on the IT Training Centre as back up when the power supply fails

• The annual school fees for 5 girls from a poor family

• The provision of 5 more smokeless stoves into the homes of poor families

Thank you in advance for any donation, large or small that you can make. It will be much appreciated.

Alison McPhillips



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