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Your Thoughts On Our Choir Website

It is now a year (30th March 2020) since the Choir Committee met via Zoom to start the process of setting up our own website, utilising Lesley's knowledge and skill set to help provide our initial aspirations.

I thought it an appropriate time to ask you, our members, what suggestions for changes/additions/improvements for it's second year, as these would be welcomed by the Committee. In addition, with singing together in some form or other, at least outside becoming a possibility over the coming weeks and months, please let us know what you think. We shall be guided by your thoughts and concerns.

For me in my role as 'Webmaster', in such an impersonal year with its imposed physical distancing and isolation that we have all experienced to a greater or lesser degree, I've attempted to make the website more personable trying to create something more than thinking we've been staring at a computer screen (or other device). For example, the 'Take Me Home' video which allowed us all an opportunity to contribute a personal photograph with a happy memory that we can share with others, with us all singing in accompaniment. Also 'Songs That Transport You To Another Place'.

Another case in point - I am indebted to Beth, as a few days back, when she thanked me for the 'Windborne' Corsican song performed in the atmospheric setting of Mont St Michel off the Normandy coast. It later transpired that we had both visited there at night some years ago, and were similarly impressed by the ambience and acoustics of the place.

I explained, I had come across the recording when attempting to search for another Corsican song I had learned (at least the first verse of) by ear at a previous choir I had been a member of back in mid Wales.

Night time view of the Abbey from the cemetery below

Beth came back to me with a video of a song she had come across, and I had only known it as, and incorrectly assumed its title was the first line of the song (which I had also misspelt!).

So for all of you who may enjoy the different harmonic sounds of eastern Europe, here is a recording of 'Terzini Guagnesi' ('Defenders of Guagno' - a town in central Corsica), a song of emigration and lost love, performed by Italian group Corda Mundi.

So, after that minor diversion, and getting back to my original request, please get in touch with your thoughts and opinions - they really are much appreciated!

Paul Stocks, Webmaster



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