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In 2017 the Choir participated in Sing for Water, raising money for the charity Water Aid at The Scoop in London. This annual mass choir event takes place at the Thames Festival raising funds for WaterAid.  Hundreds of singers from choirs across the UK come together to sing a wonderful set of water themed songs.   It's an incredibly uplifting and life-affirming event to be part of.  Since its initiation in 2000 by Helen Chadwick, Sing for Water has raised over a million pounds for life saving projects bringing clean water and sanitation to some of the world’s poorest communities.  

'Lights', one of our Choir Leader Sarah’s compositions, was chosen to be a part of the performance sung by the massed choir of over 500 singers from across the UK.

'Harbour Lights', Our first Zoom-Sing Recording - June 2020

With grateful thanks to Fred & Co. at in Manchester, for editing and production skills that  brought this project to fruition.

'Bridge Over Troubled Waters'


From our Christmas Social at St Cuthbert's Parish Hall, Amble on 19th December 2019.

Recorded by Eric Davidson


Here's one from Mauritania Day at The Amble Pods, 7th July 2019, with thanks to Rachel Gray assisting with conducting  the rhythm section.

'Ionn-da' & 'Yenemanoa'

Back to our 2019 Christmas Party Social for another recording. This one features two contrasting chants of Gaelic origin. Recorded for the choir, once again, by Eric Davidson.

'Pokarekare Ana'

Once again from our Christmas Party social at St Cuthbert's Parish Hall.

Thanks once again to Eric Davidson for the recording

'Take Me Home'


Members were requested to send in photographs of themselves in their 'Happy Place' - whether recent or from sometime in the past. These personal photos would then be combined with a previously unreleased recording of a song the choir sung together back in January 2019, to create a video to help remind us all who we are singing along with, and a little bit about themselves, as it has been nearly a year since we have sung together in person.

'Good In The World'

Our collaboration with Steve Jinski who wrote and sung this song, inspired by the conversations he had had with participants of Dry Water Arts Dementia Positive programmes as part of an Arts Council funded KIN project which focussed on ideas about kindness and kindred spirit in a Covid-conscious world


'Bella Ciao'
Recorded at the Harbour near the Pods, Amble on Mauritania Day by Nevill Wilson

E malama Recorded by Nevill Wilson

'Deep Down In My Soul' Recorded by Nevill Wilson

'Harbour Lights'
 Recorded by Norma Arthur

'ReKindle - Amble Festival of Light 2023'

One Day to Sing, Alnwick, September 2023 - 'Northumberland'
Recorded by Val Sudlow

Recorded by Val Sudlow

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