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A Taste Of Lockdown

Singing and eating are surely two of life’s greatest pleasures?

Thanks to Sarah I have been fortunate to attend Soup and Sing; the Gospel Workshops; Pride Pop-Up Choir; Michael Harper’s sessions, and; latterly I have cropped up on your Zoom screens for Harbour Lights. The joy of seeing smiling faces and the belief that I am harmonising with you all whilst wearing a daft hat has made the past few months fun. My kids have also enjoyed waving and smiling at you all.

I have a further connection in that I work in Amble too.. I am sales director for Coquet Island Shellfish, and we export tonnes of locally caught prawns and scallops to Europe. We ground to a halt from March to May but we are back at it now.

Which brings me to eating… if I am not doing it, am I thinking about what I can cook at the next opportunity.

My husband was a skinny thing when we met but he says I have since fattened him up (It’s so that he cant escape, you see).

I popped to Northumberland Seafood Centre on the quay last time I was up and purchased some glorious mussels.. and here, with my complements, is my recipe suggestion:-

Hot and Sour Mussels

Sweat off a bunch coriander stalks, a couple of red chillies, several cloves of garlic and a grating of ginger in a heavy bottomed pan in some oil.

Add the juice of a lime. And the zest..

Add a generous tablespoon of Tamarind Paste (you can get it from Morrisons – it’s super sour and delicious!).

Clean, rinse and de-beard the mussels. If any are opened and not shutting, discard..

Add the mussels to the pan, crank up the heat and pour over a can of cheap cider..

Lid on. Cook for 3 - 5 minutes until they all open and the flesh has looks cooked – opaque..

Add a handful of coriander leaves and voila!

Stay safe, and thanks for having me as a new member!

Jane Pedersen



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