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An Anonymous Poem

Written for our Harbour Lights Lockdown Scrapbook


At the back of my mind, on a high dusty shelf The taste of a tune lies hidden from sight And sometimes I think when I sit by myself I can reach in and find it and bring it to light.

And if I discover that old melody It will take me back so many years, To a time when somebody bigger than me Would carry the weight of my fears.

And maybe (maybe not) the same song will return, But I can’t make that happen - what will be, will be. Today’s a new story, a new dance to learn, Choreographed with a part written for me

There’s a song in the sunshine, a tune in the trees, And rhythm runs riot in river and sea. Harmony hums in the rain and the breeze, And the stars snatch my breath with their cold symphony.

So today listen out for life’s musical beat, The lyrics of laughter, the smile on her face, The beating of heart and the drumming of feet, The clock-tick of home and the safety of place.




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