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Greetings From South West Minnesota

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

from Larry Macht

I just wanted to say hello from Minnesota. I belong to a community choir in Hutchinson, Minnesota called the Crow River Singers. Having our choir on hold since the Covid 19 crisis began, I am coming to realise just how important a community choir is to its members and the community they sing for.

Crow River Dam, Hutchinson

I actually live in a small town south of Hutchinson called Glencoe. Hutchinson is where we practice and perform. Glencoe was settled by a fellow from Scotland called Martin McLeod. I am not the manger of Crow River Singers but I don't think they would mind if you put some links to the Crow River Singers on your website. I have been to Amble by the Sea when I visited my friends Dennis and Sarah Mitchell in 1980. I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath with Dennis. Northumberland is indeed a beautiful area and I believe Sarah is a member of your choir. I am also a member of the All Creatures Great and Small public group and the Yorkshire Vets group. Like you, our choir also meets on Thursdays. We were to start practising again this month but they cancelled because of Covid 19 concerns. I don't think enough of the choir would know how to do Zoom and so that is not an option for us.

Crow River Singers singing 'Annie's Song' by John Denver, back in 2019

I have watched a couple of videos of your choir singing and have enjoyed them. Sing on!


A link to the Choirs' Facebook page -

For more videos of the choir,, type in 'Crow River Singers Hutchinson' on YouTube.

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