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Morning Zings Are Back

We really enjoyed our Winter weekday mornings, sharing a song or two with you during Jan/Feb (into March?) 2021. So we are doing it all over again.

Please reply to and we will send you the link to join in.

It will be at 10am for 20-30mins, Monday to Thursday from 10th January 2022.

We aren't sure yet when it will finish!

It's totally FREE (if you want to donate something to a Mental Heath Charity then please do) and as much for our benefit as yours. We have a huge back catalogue of songs from running Soup & Sing (and latterly Zoup & Zing) for the last 15 years and we want to share them with you. We will probably repeat ourselves, and you will be familiar with a lot of our repertoire from previous workshops, but I know you will forgive us and enjoy singing along with us.

As before, after an initial chat you guys will be on mute, and we will do warm ups and simple songs before teaching you something that you can take with you into the day and hum (driving everyone else mad no doubt) until we teach you another one the next day. It's gonna be lots of fun. There is always a bit of stretching and breath work too, which is good for all of us.

Tell everyone!! All welcome - we just need you to let us know, so we can send the link and be aware of who is joining us. You don't have to 'come' every day - feel free to dip in and out. You soon start to recognise each other and can chat in the chat box. If anyone wants a refresher on how to use Zoom, give us a shout and we can 'meet' you in the meeting beforehand.

See you soon

Alison and Sarah x

Soup & Sing Leaders



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