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Songs That Transport You To Another Place

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

I have been thinking all day of the song I would choose and there were so many but I kept coming back to 'When I Grow Too Old To Dream' which from the first notes takes me straight back to childhood Christmases.

Every Christmas Eve we would roast chestnuts by the fire, hang our stockings and my parents would sing that song because I loved it so. The way they sang made me believe that once they had loved each other. Sadly that was not normally an easy thing to believe.

My favourite version of this song is sung by Nelson Eddy because he sounds so like my dad. My mother was a trained opera singer and could have drowned him out but she held in check when they sang this and seemed like a beautiful echo.

Penelope Bayley


My thanks to Penelope, a fellow editor, who lives over by The Bridge of Aln pub, who returned the favour after I wrote a short article about Whittingham railway station - the parish she writes for. As I said to her the other day "Fair exchange is no robbery". Paul Stocks



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