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Morning Zings - Stretching & Singing

Squeeeee, we are really excited to offer you this freebie! Open to all, whether you are regular Soup & Singer; Zoup & Zinger; (or a Zoomin'Troller, for that matter!); an erstwhile workshop attendee, or just curious!

Also for your friends and family

We are aware that during this lockdown we aren’t singing - or even speaking - much. So we intend to rectify that and invite you to join our MORNING ZINGS

For 2 weeks, Monday to Friday

starting 18th January from 10.30am for 20-30 minutes, we are inviting you to join us to stretch & sing

TOTALLY FREE of charge.

We’ll be doing warm ups and vocalising, and each time there will be a song from our extensive back catalogue that you can take to keep you company for the rest of the day.

The daily sessions will take place on Zoom and all are welcome; tell your Mums and Dads, siblings and friends.... we need to know who is coming (email us in advance) and please spread the word. You don’t have to commit to daily practise, just dip in and out as and when you are able to join us.

We just want to keep those pipes oiled!

email in advance to obtain a link to join us.



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