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'These Are The Hands'

by Boff Whalley & Commoners Choir

Here's the YouTube video we sang along with at our Zoom-Sing with Alison Scott on last night, and is for those who enjoyed it to listen again. Also for Vivienne who logged out due to a poor broadband connection - missing out; for those who were unable to join us, and; of course for those who are frustrated by the limitations Zoom, who might wish to catch up here.

The words are based around a poem of Michael Rosen, and our support for all those who have kept going through the epidemic - so often taken for granted, many of whom are the lowest paid in our society, and referred to as "unskilled".

And if you enjoyed that, maybe you might like to see the Commoners Choir 'Singing Together Apart'. Coping with the limitations of Lockdown, to find a way to keep functioning as a choir. T

The inspiration behind this song was the media clips of city dwelling Italians, singing out, to reconnect with their neighbours and friends from their balconies, whilst self isolating during the days when the epidemic was sweeping through northern Italy, above otherwise deserted, and abnormally quiet streets except for the sound of the sirens of emergency vehicles.

I've been lucky in singing a couple of other Commoners Choir songs when singing with The Clarion Choir in Shrewsbury, (led by the wonderful Roxane Smith), prior to Les & I relocating to Northumberland to be closer to family - now some 18 months ago.

How time flies!

A big thank you to Alison Scott who helped broaden our horizons in a different direction by agreeing to stand-in, in Sarah's absence.

During the split-session evening (with Secretary Alison at the controls), we were also able to partake of 'Rum and Coca Cola' (The Andrews Sisters) from the 1940s, and a slightly different version of Neesa Neesa (the Seneca Native American shamanic chant).

Paul Stocks 3rd July 2020



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