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Useful Singing Warm-Up Video from BlueJam

A useful singing warm-up with exercises and tips on singing high whilst keeping your voice safe, from choir leader and singing teacher, Sarah Gray.

BlueJam Jazz Lockdown Videos

We really miss playing music together, so we have been making up for it by devising a series of videos with the BlueJam Jazz team and our visiting artists.  These give you the opportunity to play and sing along with us and practise new skills. If you want to join the project we will show you how to record your own solos and arrangements to share with us.

We have finished the first seven videos! This one from Sarah Gray is 'number 6' of this series.

All videos can be downloaded from our website or YouTube channel. Please pass them on to friends and encourage them to subscribe. They are free - if you'd like us to make more, please donate via the PayPal button on the website.

We are going to be running some introductory Zoom sessions around these videos  - please contact us if you would like some more information. Details will be on the website and facebook pages



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