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We Won't Let Covid Beat Us!

'Mute Your Mics '

This song 'Mute Your Mics' was inspired by the lyrics of a poem choir member Sheila Pearson wrote following our end of term party back in September.

Our fabulous, hard working Choir Leader Sarah (and others), thought it would be great to turn it into a song for the choir to sing and so she set about composing the accompanying tune. The song was then introduced on a Thursday evening Zoom choir practice at the beginning of November with the promise of turning it into a video.

Sarah then laid down the challenge to choir members to record themselves at home over the next 10 days (no pressure there then!), with the aid of the song parts she'd recorded separately - hopefully with as many choir members as possible being able to contribute.

Recordings were then sent for editing to Freddie Hinsley, who also added some percussion down at Ocularo Ltd in Manchester, where it was all put together with the additional help of Video Editor Marc Gallagher.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed and made this possible - not least Sarah Gray who has worked tirelessly to support and encourage us.

- We Won't Let Covid Beat Us!



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