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Blue Jam
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A personal message from Jilly Jarmon:

I believe that art and music can be healing, friendly, confrontational, warm, spiky, challenging, prophetic, reflective and we need to keep making it, performing it, sharing it, developing it. Honing our skills so we can see, hear, record clearly and accurately and put that into colour, shape, sound and out into the world.
So we're busy at BlueJam right now, because there are momentous changes happening and we want to play our part. Please join in anything you think sounds up your street - we'd love to hear from you!



PS: Just read this in the Guardian as part of a letter asking for support for the arts sector from the government:

"While laws may prohibit people's behaviour, art can change people's hearts, minds and humanity and answer the clarion call to speak truth today. That is the role of [art]"
- Wendell Pierce-

Finding Space in Silence

A collaborative project by BlueJam and Growing Poetry

This treehouse was designed by Rowan (Age 7) - this is a place she goes to in her imagination. We particularly like the bright orange roof with a little skylight. 

BlueJam is teaming up with Jess from Growing Poetry to Find Space in Silence: that quiet place from where our imagination can emerge.

We invite you to come on this journey with us - find a place in your house that you don't sit in normally (maybe its the corner of the kitchen, a spot in the hallway, a chair in the garden) and make it cozy. Then, when all is calm, choose some writing inspiration from our booklet, the ones that makes your brain flutter with ideas, the ones that will take you into new worlds or help you explore this one. And then you create, create, create - in writing, or drawing or even recording. This project is for everyone - from children to teenagers to adults, everyone is welcome. 

Once you are done you can submit photographs of your work via e-mail to Jess (our poet) at Your creations will go straight onto our website (and there are other plans in the pipeline to share them with the world too).

A perfect quiet weekend activity - we can’t wait to see what you create! 

Download the Booklet here

BlueJam Jazz Lockdown Videos

We really miss playing music together, so we have been making up for it by devising a series of videos with the BlueJam Jazz team and our visiting artists.  These give you the opportunity to play and sing along with us and practise new skills. If you want to join the project we will show you how to record your own solos and arrangements to share with us.

We have finished the first seven videos! All videos can be downloaded from our website or YouTube channel. Please pass them on to friends and encourage them to subscribe. They are free - if you'd like us to make more, please donate via the PayPal button on the website.


1. This video is perfect for those new to scatting and anyone wanting to try out new ideas - improvise over 3 different grooves led by Bryony Jarman-Pinto and Asha Nicholson, with piano from Josh Jackson.


2. Jemma Freese wrote 'I Don't Know What's Becoming of Me' specially for BlueJam's Girls In Jazz project. Learn this song and soloing tips in this lockdown video from BlueJam 


3. In this video Jilly Jarman teaches 'You Go To My Head' by Fred Coots (with a special performance by Mia Anderson) including tips on how to approach singing it and a backing track to practise over.


4. Mia Anderson presents some ideas and tips for vocal improvisation, using 'You Go To My Head' by Fred Coots.


5. This video uses 'I Got Rhythm' and 'Lester Leaps In' to teach beginner/intermediate players how to solo, embellish a tune and create backing riffs over a Rhythm Changes piece, featuring Joe and Rob Steels and Josh Jackson.


6. A singing warm-up with exercises and tips on singing high and low whilst keeping your voice safe from singing teacher Sarah Gray.  Very useful for jazz singers who often tense up at high notes.


7. Watch Tom Leah (Werkha)’s introduction into how to build rhythm parts to a pre-existing backing track.

We are going to be running some introductory Zoom sessions around these videos  - please contact us if you would like some more information. Details will be on the website and facebook pages

BlueJam Youth Jazz


Bryony Jarman-Pinto and Joe Steels are now running the BlueJam Youth Jazz programme. The first two Zoom/Soundtrap sessions have been very well-received so by popular demand they will now be happening fortnightly Fridays 7.30pm. The next session is June 26th. 

Newcomers are welcome, especially Regional Academy and Girls In Jazz members. Age 11 upwards. Contact us to take part.

Girls In Jazz Online Session

Join Asha and Bryony this Saturday at 4pm for an online Girls in Jazz session. 
We will be building on the ideas and exercises from our Vocal Improvisation video which you can watch here.

This session is suitable for girls age 9 upwards wanting to improvise using voice or instrument. Beginners very welcome.

Please email us for Zoom password. Payment £3-5 via Paypal.

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