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Masterclasses In May - with Sarah Gray

Hello all


How are you doing? I have been making plans - so nice to feel like doing that after this longer-than-usual, harder-than-usual winter, and looking at things with a slightly different perspective..... We still have no real news about the future of singing indoors, or even outdoors, so I have resolved to make this Summer 'term' one to remember, and look at exploiting the potential benefits of online work and the freedom it might bring to me and to you!


I am indulging my childish love of alliteration with the Masterclasses planned for May. Last time we explored different genres, but this time I thought it would be good into dig into the back catalogue of individual artists and play, challenge yourselves - and me - to find songs to try on and see if they are a good fit! If  you can't decide on a song, email me and I'll make some suggestions.


Oh, the way masterclasses work (open to all, regardless of experience): working on Zoom, I group together (usually) three participants who have prepared a song to share, and after a warm up you take it in turns to sing and receive about 20 mins tuition, and also of course can listen to the tips I give the other singers. It's a good idea to have another device with a backing track - even if the original artist is on the track, I will normally only hear you so it is fine.  The last set of classes, in February, were very successful and above all FUN. We had talented, generous and supportive participants, some of whom signed up for several classes in order to explore many aspects of their voice.


Here is the list of classes - the ideas are very loose and open to interpretation! I have selected songwriters and artists who have many, many songs to choose from but you are welcome to bring your suggestions too. I have a big library of sheet music so I may well be able to send you the 'dots'.

Joan (Baez), Joan (Armatrading), Joni (Mitchell) and Judy (Collins) - the Four Js

Probably folky and/or pop


Weds 12 May 11am

Weds 12 May 1pm

Friday 14 May 11am

Friday 14 May 3pm


Any Billie/Billy

Joel, Holiday, Ocean, Eilish.... you choose.

There is scope for jazz, pop, Musical Theatre (Billy Porter..... or Billy Elliot?) Have fun selecting!

Tuesday 11 May 7.30pm

Monday 17 May 12.30pm


Barbra, Ball and Boe

Musical Theatre, Jazz, Classical..... Alfie, Michael and Streisand have sung it all between them.

Let's not get stuck in traditional gender roles - sing any part/anything you like!

Don't Rain On My/Your parade!

Monday 17 May 3pm

Friday 21 May 1pm

Tuesday 25 May 7.30pm


The E's

Eva (Cassidy) Ella (Fitzgerald), Etta (James) and Enya

Whew! There's a huge variety of genres for you to go for.

Anybody want to try Enya's 'I Dreamed I Dwelt in Marble Halls'?

Tuesday 18 May 7.30pm

Wednesday 19 May 1pm

Wednesday 19 May 3pm


And finally........ Monday 24 May is (da da dah!)....

Doris Day Day!

11am, 1pm or 3pm, Whip Crackaway!


I am SO EXCITED, this is going to be so much fun. All I ask is that you let me know in advance which song you intend to try, and if you want any help, ask away. 


Classes cost £15 per person. If cost is a problem for you, please let me know, I have wriggle room.


You will get another email from me shortly with news of Stretch and Sing, but I thought I'd let you digest this first.  Mull it over while you are enjoying the sunshine.


Stay safe, stay singing!



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