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Good In The World

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Our collaboration with Steve Jinski to create a song along with Drywater Arts Dementia group for Amble's Festival of Light.

This song was commissioned by Dry Water Arts as part of their Arts Council funded KIN project, focusing on ideas about kindness and kindred in a Covid conscious world. Dry Water Arts are based in Amble, Northumberland. The lyrics grew from conversations with attendees at Dry Water's Dementia Positive programmes trying to give a voice to those who have not been heard. Despite their suffering and loss they still look to find and see good in the world.

The Amble Harbour Lights Choir supported by choir leader Sarah Gray also contributed their vocal skills to the track. The whole thing was produced, mixed and mastered by Dave Maughan.

Please note all revenues will go towards supporting Dry Water Arts and their Dementia Positive Programmes.


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