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'In Our Nature' Autumn Events

Hi Folks, For those nature lovers amongst you, I am writing to tell you that I am about to launch my series of online courses to help keep you entertained and informed and connected with nature during the darker months of the year. They be starting within A Sea Swimmer's Guide to the Marine Life of Britain followed by A Snorkeler's Guide to Marine Life in early September. These will be followed by An Introduction to Shore Life, and the Ecology of the Grey Seal. All will be delivered by Zoom, and are available to book now. Later in the year and early next year I will be running An Introduction to Coastal & Sea Birds, An Introduction to Marine Life, and An Introduction to the Coastal Plants. Most of these are short course of one or two session, but the Marine Life course runs for 6 sessions and is for keen divers and snorkelers who want to go into things in a bit more depth.

For the sound lovers amongst you, along with the Gong Baths in Coldingham and East Ord, I am in the process of securing a venue to start running Sound Baths (including big crystal singing bowls) in Dunbar again along with my partner in sound, Sharon Rossi. I will also be running a short Good Vibrations event again at East Ord, in conjunction with Northumberland Recovery College; and a longer one in Cresswell, near Morpeth with my good friend and frame drummer extraordinaire, Jackie Drew. I have also teamed up with Suzanne Askew, a Weleda Well-being Advisor, to run Sensory Gong Baths at her house in Coldingham. With these, not only are you bathed in sound but you also get bathed in lovely smells from aromatic foot soaks and hand and foot massages. I also continue to run my regular Mantra Meditation session (online, as we have folk coming from far and wide). As always, more information and booking can be found at Hopefully see you on one or more of these events. With Warm Wishes, Liza.



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