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March Online Masterclasses with Sarah



Today, sheltering from the awful weather (I know, there is no such thing as awful weather but today is doing a good impression) I have been plotting and planning....... and have decided I will run some online masterclasses in March.  If you have never done anything like this before, please don't worry, our participants are lovely and very supportive of each other. You do NOT have to be an experienced performer or singer! It's good fun to research the songs you wish to sing and I am happy to advise.


You would be part of a group of usually three people, plus me. We have a chat and a warm-up, then each person takes it in turn to sing with the others on mute. You would sing a song you have chosen, probably with a karaoke or backing track (sometimes the only option is to sing with the original artist but we usually can't hear so it's OK) on another device like a phone. I give some pointers and everyone claps like mad!

Masterclasses are a GREAT way to learn. It's also a very pleasant way to while away an hour or so and, as I said before, our participants are FAB.

Once you have booked I will send the Zoom link and the payment details.

They are £18pp.


Dates: 18 March to 27 March



This includes Musicals, Operas, Rock Operas, background music, you pick!



Fairly self explanatory but can be stretched to incorporate night time/lullabies. Any genre



So this could mean a soul song, or anything dealing with the heart, or anything with either (or both) word in the title......


You know I have a broad range of music on my shelves and there is always a chance I can send you the sheet music, or advise you where you can buy it. I believe that, although learning by ear is very valuable, it's almost always good to have a score to refer to. If you don't read music, don't worry, I can help.


Monday 18 March at 10.30am. SONGS FROM FILMS

Tuesday 19 March at 10am. HEART AND SOUL

Tuesday 19 March at 1pm. MOON AND STARS

Tuesday 19 March at 7pm. MOON AND STARS

Wednesday 20 March at 7pm. SONGS FROM FILMS

Thursday 21 March at 11.30am SONGS FROM FILMS

Friday 22 March at 1pm. MOON AND STARS

Friday 22 March at 4.30pm. HEART AND SOUL

Monday 25 March at 4pm. SONGS FROM FILMS

Wednesday 27 March at 7pm. ANY OF THE ABOVE!



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