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Singing Together Using 'Soundtrap' Software

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Here's a taster of choir members' contributions on 'Waves A-coming In'

('So Much Magnificence').

Photo of the Choir in Amble town square on 4th June, taken by Norma

Here, below, is a screen view of 14 individual parts, showing all the wave files of each of the individual contributors. To add another part is a fairly straight forward procedure - rather like using an updated tape/digital recorder. To take part in any of these recordings just ask Sarah to invite you take part in the 'Soundtrap' project - the more the merrier!

You can sing along with someone else who is singing the same part you want to sing and mute the other parts which might distract you - it really isn't too daunting.

It's so much better when there's a wide cross-section from the different sections of the choir - all the individual voices coming together. Please ask if you need help.

Paul Stocks



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