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Songs That Transport You To Another Place

Bobby Darin - 'Beyond The Sea'

We went on a family holiday to Florida some years ago, and whilst there we got to view the very last night time launch of the Space Shuttle.

It was the most fantastic occasion. We went to Cocoa Beach early to bag a spot on the pier.

Night time shuttle launch from Kennedy Space Centre

We sat in a wonderful spot watching the surfers, the pelicans and the fisherman throughout most of the afternoon. Everyone was excited to be there, and as the afternoon wore on more and more people crammed onto this vintage wooden pier.

When it fell dark we all turned to face the launch site and waited in anticipation.

The event did not let us down. This unbelievably great noise built that made the pier tremble and then the whoosh and flames as the space shuttle was launched.

Dan my son was so enthralled and shouted out in pure excitement as the shuttle left the earth. He was crying tears of joy!!

He still thinks of it as the best day of his life.

Bobby Darin's 'Beyond The Sea' was played throughout the day as we sat on the pier waiting.

The bar was a very retro setting and we loved the music. When ever I hear this, I am taken straight back to that wonderful night!!

Sarah Mitchell January 2021



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