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Thank You From The Teach Nepal Project Chairperson

Dear All,

I wanted to thank you all for your generous contributions towards resources for the schools we work with in Nepal. We have supported 10 schools for 6 years already, and more recently more schools in the area have joined the training courses we have organised. The schools are in a beautiful area, the Annapurna Conservation area in the low Himalayas, but the people there are very poor. Most of the families still rely on rice growing and vegetables from their gardens. The extra materials for the schools are very much appreciated and make a difference to their education.

Alison and I are looking forward to working together again. We are running a 3 day teacher training course together with 3 other ex teachers for up to 60 teachers. We are also going to visit all the schools to assess their needs. We are looking at the condition of the classrooms, the availability of lighting and power supply for future computer labs. This is the first visit for us in almost 2 and a half years so there is great excitement in the village. We will look at what the schools can use and then go shopping. I hope to be able to send photos to show you all what you have funded, if not while we are there but certainly afterwards. The schools are on a delayed holiday after numerous school closures due to Covid 19 and so we won't be able to see the resources in use while we are there. We will let you know. Thank you for your kindness, Kind regards, Bridget. -- Bridget van de Pol

Chairperson/Voorzitter Stichting Teach Nepal Project


Alison will do a write-up of her travels and the Teach Nepal Project for our 'News Blog' when she gets time on her return.



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